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BENEVOL 2007 : The 6th BElgian-NEtherlands software eVOLution workshop


BENEVOL '07 will take place in Room "Salle Academique", at the 4th floor of the

Faculté d'Informatique
rue Grandgagnage, 21
B-5000 Namur

Capital of the Walloon Region, Namur is a beautiful city of 80.000 inhabitants. Its position at the confluent of two rivers gave it military and economic appeal, exploited by the Roman Empire and by many others since then. Much evidence of Namur's past can be visited nowadays, including the citadel, one of the greatest in Europe.

Close to Brussels (60 km) and at the intersection of European railways and highways, Namur can be easily reached by road, train, and plane.