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BENEVOL 2007 : The 6th BElgian-NEtherlands software eVOLution workshop

Co-located event: PReCISE Day '07

On Wednesday 12th December 2007, PReCISE is organizing its first public scientific event: PReCISE Day '07.

PReCISE is a research center of the University of Namur devoted to the engineering and management of advanced information systems. The center was established jointly by the Faculty of Computer Science and the Department of Business Administration.

Logo In addition to a general overview of PReCISE's mission and activities, PReCISE Day '07 will provide you with a vision of "the Future of Information Systems". Four outstanding international keynote speakers among PReCISE's collaborators will present their views on four hot topics:
  • Enterprise Architecture, by Prof. François Vernadat;
  • Agent-Oriented Software Engineering, by Prof. John Mylopoulos;
  • Software Engineering as an Engineering Discipline, by Prof. Alain Abran;
  • Modeling Language Interoperability, by Prof. Andreas Opdhal.

The day will end with a poster session where PReCISE's researchers will present their achievements and on-going projects.

Further information about this event is available on the PReCISE Day '07 website.