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BENEVOL 2007 : The 6th BElgian-NEtherlands software eVOLution workshop


The theme of this 2007 edition of BENEVOL is :

"Evolving Software-Intensive Systems"

The term is meant to invite contributions considering software as part of a broader system that defines its purpose and in which it operates. For instance, software is usually part of an organisational information system, or is embedded into physical devices (such as mobile phones). Thereby, software interacts with a complex, heterogeneous and changing environment. Evolving software must continue to serve the purpose imposed by its context and gracefully co-evolve with it.


Suggested workshop topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Model-driven software evolution: models transformation, evolution and co-evolution of models, verification and validation of evolving models, modeling evolution, meta-modeling,
  • Foundations & paradigms: objects, components, aspects, formal languages, semantics, theories for software evolution,
  • Empirical studies in evolution: empirical results, case studies, experimentation design, measurement, quality models for evolvability,
  • Tool support for software evolution: tools to assist the evolution process;
  • Information systems evolution: data evolution, reengineering databases and data-intensive systems,
  • Software evolution in "emerging" paradigms: Model-Driven, Aspect-Oriented, Service-Oriented, Open Source, Software Product Lines,
  • Managerial aspects and process models for software evolution: Software re-engineering and quality improvement, inconsistency management and co-evolution,
  • Embedded, adaptative and context-aware systems,
  • Dynamic adaptation, composition and reconfiguration of software and services.