Welcome to the Schobbens Family Association

Bienvenue à l'Association Familiale Schobbens

Welkom te Schobbens Vereniging

The family name 'Schobbens' originates from Antwerp. This association aims to further the links between the bearers of the name 'Schobbens' and their relatives. It organises every 5 years a family meeting, in the surroundings of Antwerp of course. It maintains a list of adresses of its members and other known relatives, a genealogy with copies of old documents. The reference documents are "Descendance d'Adrien Schobbens" and "Descendance de J. B. Spitaels (1719-1779), suivie de notes sur les familles van Crombrugghe, de le Haye, Huleu," by Vincent Schobbens. They are completed for present-day descendants. This data is not available online.

Egide Schobbens, 1890.