3rd ModelAge Workshop

``Formal Models of Agents''

Sesimbra, Portugal, 15-17 January 1996


The goal of this workshop is to bring together a limited number of people for an in-depth discussion on formal models of agents. Agent is a concept covering software artifacts and human beings, individuals and societies, and that can be described by several "facets". This concept is emerging in disciplines as diverse as organisation theory, artificial intelligence, logic, data bases, requirements engineering. These models try to describe, predict and analyse the internals of agents (beliefs, goals, etc.) as well as their external behaviour.

The workshop will have a limited attendance, no parallel sessions, large slots for discussion.


The general theme is formal models of agents, integrating several "facets" including e.g.:




This workshop will follow the DEON'96 workshop at the same location.
It will be followed by the MAAMAW workshop in Eindhoven.
Next ModelAge workshop will take place near Sienna on 15-17 Jan 1997.
Previous ModelAge meetings were held in Namur and Sophia-Antipolis.


Sesimbra is a small fishing village set on a delightful sheltered bay, on the eastern slope of Serra da Arrabida, 30 km south of Lisbon. Many international fishing contests are held here as well as an annual Sea Festival. It is a popular venue for weekends and holiday breaks, with a number of historic places of interest such as its old castle. The workshop will be held at Hotel do Mar whose rooms are situated in an amphiteatre overlooking the sea.