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The goal of ModelAge is to establish a common formal model of the concept of agent , usable across a wide number of fields of Information Technology, where its importance is now appearing: In each of these fields, the key facets of an agent appear to be: The collaborations already undertaken between members of ModelAge make us believe that a common model may be found. To ensure precision, the model will be formal, i.e. mathematically described. Examples of cross-fertilisations already explored by members of ModelAge include the application of deontic logics, originally designed to formalise human organisations, to software specification; the introduction of the notion of behaviour and goals into data base theory; the use of belief logics (also originally modelling humans) in concurrent systems; the introduction of behaviour in software specification. The many formalisms used in each field could then be grounded in this common semantic framework, allowing an integrated multi-formalism approach.

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