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OBLOG CASE Version 1.2 for UNIX and OpenVMS


The OBLOG CASE tool is a multi-user Integrated tool, that exploits the advanced capabilities of the OBLOG (OBject LOGic) language.

It covers every phase of the development life cycle without the need for translations, and can easily be used by business analysts, system analysts and technology experts.

OBLOG CASE V1.2 is particularly suitable for:

Increases quality, productivity and maintainability of applications characterized by complex behaviors, using a Graphical User Interface and Relational Databases.


OBLOG CASE V1.2 generates C code for any UNIX and VAX platforms, MOTIF graphical user interface and ORACLE DML and DDL code.

OBLOG Language

The main features of the OBLOG Language are:

OBLOG CASE V1.2 Components

OBLOG Case V1.2

OBLOG CASE V1.2 is composed of several integrated modules:

OBLOG High Level Editor

To be used for the definition of models (object model and interaction model) within each sub-system.

Models are specified using graphical notation, with visualization of object relationships like inheritance, cardinality associations and interactions.

OBLOG Object Editor

Supports object encapsulation and polymorphism.

To be used for the internal and interface specification of each object. Object attributes and actions and the effects of each action upon the attributes define its internal state. The definition of the object's behavior (the possible sequences of actions and their constraints) and life synchronization with the other objects through action calls (message passing).

Provides guidance for the specification process and assures syntactic and semantic consistency throughout the specification.

On-line Documentation

For global and detailed comments of specification. Provides an editor linked to every OBLOG concept for storing information with different points of view depending on the role of the specifier: Project information; requirements, technical aspects, the why and why-nots of decisions taken for the systems and the object life cycle.

Dialog Editor

A graphical painter for the Graphical User Interface, based on Dialogs and advanced graphical widgets.

Provides easy and complete integration with the object specification attached to each Dialog. WYSIWYG editor with layout editing facilities.

Session Manager

For multi-user, multi-project development via a controlled access to the central repository.

Global view of sub-systems interconnection.

Configuration management for code generation and external code integration. Code Generators Allows Total and Incremental generation.

Code Generators

Allows Total and Incremental generation.

C code generator. Provides 100% readable code, mapping OBLOG specification to its equivalent ANSI-C language. Final code delivered ready to be compiled and linked.

Database code generator. Generates the database schema (DDL) and C/SQL code (DML) derived from the OBLOG specification into relational databases.

GUI code generator. Generates the graphical user interface using C/MOTIF code.

Target platforms: UNIX (AIX , HP , SUN , SCO , System V ), OpenVMS ; ORACLE database; MOTIF Graphical User Interface.


For completeness, correctness and consistency of the specification with the final objective of 100% code generation. On-demand checking capabilities for an on-line follow-up of the specification process. The checker cross-checks the high level and object specification that is not possible or not desirable to be performed during the specification process.

OBLOG Central Repository

Stores the OBLOG specification of the user application. Multi-user capabilities.

External Code Integration

Provides the interface for external code integration: graphical visualization of interface objects at modeling and specification levels and generation of templates. Integration of user's existing libraries, script files, source and object code. Also allows calls from the exterior to the OBLOG specification.

Platform Requirements

Sun SPARCstation:

Station ALPHA: DEC/3000 (Model 500) Workstation.

Software Licencing

This software is furnished under the licensing provisions of OBLOG Software S.A. Terms and Conditions.

For more information about OBLOGs licencing terms and policies, contact OBLOG CASE Marketing Services.

Licence Management Facility Support

This product supports a Licence Management Facility.

License units for this product are allocated on the basis of number of users and period of time.

1 month period DEMO versions are available. For more information contact OBLOG CASE Marketing Services.

Run Time Options

There are no restrictions for generated applications.

Software Product Services

A variety of service options are available. These include overviews and technical courses, on demand consultancy, hot line support and maintenance. For more information contact OBLOG CASE Marketing Services.

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