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Improv as Agile Technique at XP Days Benelux

Published on February 26, 2013 by in Demos

Here is a nice video from running my tutorial at XP dyas in Benelux. The attendees are all Agile gurus, so I was happy to see that they really loved it, and that they were good at it. Indeed, as far as I claim that this is a good metaphor to agile design, if agile gurus were not good at it, we would either have fake gurus either a wrong metaphor, indeed. Well, here is a nice little video shot by a participant during an improv dedicated to the (now famous) car-sharing example. At around 80 seconds you see them inventing a brilliant security feature for such systems: use the camera of your phone to check that the people who will pick you up are somehow safe. After two or three years using this example, I never had that idea, and they just invented this in a brilliant improvisation after no more than 60 minutes


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