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Experimenting around Sustainable Requirements for Sustainable Software

Published on February 10, 2012 by in My papers

Over the last decades, IT has become one of the leading industries worldwide. Its effects on our society and its environment are considerable. Its most obvious effects result from the production, operation, maintenance and disposal of IT infrastructure, roughly hardware. This is what the majority of “green IT” initiatives have been concerned with up to now. Yet, there is another important manner in which IT affects its environment: IT changes individual and organisational behaviour. Think of how the Internet, office automation, mobile phones, route planners and many other applications have affected the way we act (e.g., work, travel) and communicate. At the heart of IT lies software. The way software is designed (e.g., what functions it supports, which parts of its environment it interacts with, which IT infrastructure it uses and how) can have a major influence on the sustainability of the human activities involved. Such fundamental decisions are typically made during Requirements Engineering (RE),

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