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Defining YOUR creativity

Published on January 13, 2012 by in My papers

The word “creativity” is used widely in business and academia, but its meaning may differ greatly depending on context. This may cause confusion in the minds of people who have to determine which kinds of creativity are relevant to their project and which creativity tools to use. So we tried to understand why and how the meaning of the word “creativity” varies, and study the impacts of these variations on how complex socio-technical systems are designed. As a result we derived a framework for understanding the precise local meaning of creativity used in a specific context, before deciding on the adequate support for it. Consider, for example, that at the kick-off meeting of a new development project, the sponsor emphasised the importance of creativity. Now, as the manager on this project, you feel in trouble: are you supposed to get together in a funny workshop using sticky notes? Or are you supposed to use new

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