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Creativity and Collaboration

Team building

We provide a fun and smart, improv-based, team building activity. 2 to 6 hours of challenging and inspiring games will let you and your team discover each other under a new light, while playfully grasping the complexity of collaborative creativity. We play improv games together, and systematically debrief according to the objectives pursued by the game. You will talk more than I do. And you will play more than you talk. See how we did it in top scientific conferences in Sydney (lo-fi video) and in Valencia (outline).

Fostering Sustainable Cultural Change

If creativity and collaboration are key to your organization or team, you should invest some time in setting up the right infrastructure, and ensure your collaborators have the needed skills, the ingredients of a new culture. We first need to understand what kind of creativity is yours. We then use an open audit tool we crafted form collaborative research, the Collaborative Creativity Canvas, to see where it hurts in your specific case. Then we will carve together the way ahead, using improv as a message carrier and metaphor for collaboration in the new culture.

Creativity Workshop

You have a complex problem to solve in team? You want to define a new product? You want to enjoy conflicts as a source for innovation? Then you probably need to run a creativity workshop. Organization and facilitation of these sessions are crucial, and we have become specialists of this. Improv-based and other tools will ensure we make the best out of your skilled team members. Their time is precious, don’t let them waste it in useless meetings again!

Rapid Prototyping, Crafting Enjoyable User Experiences

We will use improv as a tool to participatively build creative users experiences, and discuss these. Depending on the degree of detail we chose in the scope of improvisations, this will be akin to co-realizing a first rough prototype and in order to test an idea or bring it further, or it will enable a fine grain, detailed study of what your users enjoy or hate. Check the video here.


You need a refreshing talk, grounded in sound theory, but able to move real people, about creativity and collaboration? We can do that…


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