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Here are the main services we offer… Contact us to know more !

Certifying Requirements Engineering Course

In partnership with a belgian consulting company we have developed a 3 days training in Requirements Engineering. We have been endorsed by the IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board) as recognized education providers for their certification. See the course page for more details.

Team building

We provide a fun and smart, improv-based, team building activity. 2 to 6 hours of challenging and inspiring games will let you and your team discover each other under a new light, while playfully grasping the complexity of collaborative creativity. We play improv games together, and systematically debrief according to the objectives pursued by the game. You will talk more than I do. And you will play more than you talk. See how we did it in top scientific conferences in Sydney (video) and in Valencia (outline).

Creativity and Collaboration Assessment and Training

If creativity and collaboration are key to your team, you should invest some time in training for the needed skills. Some people think this is something “you have or not” but this is wrong, and I can prove it. We’ll assess your team according to a recognized benchmarking tool (from a Harvard research group), and plan for the needed training. Improv will make the rest.

Creativity Workshop

You have a complex problem to solve in team? You want to define a new product? You want to enjoy conflicts as a source for innovation? Then you probably need to run a creativity workshop. Organization and facilitation of these sessions are crucial, and we have become specialists of this. We will use improv-based and other tools to make the best out of your skilled team members. Their time is precious, don’t let them waste it in useless meetings again!

Creativity Advisory

You’re leading a project, and want it to be more creative? You have a company and would like to instill a more innovative culture? With the help of our recently published creativity framework we will define together what kind of creativity you really need, and how to support it.


You need a refreshing talk, grounded in sound theory, but able to move real people, about creativity and collaboration? We can do that…

Sustainable Software

We have developed an expertise in designing sustainable software, i.e. software that minimises negative and maximises positive impacts on the environment, society and economy. We consider direct and indirect impacts of software on their entire lifecycle.


We have a particular affinity with Software Engineering related sectors, but we love to apply our techniques to other sectors. Just as we used artistic knowledge to inform the way software is designed, there is no reason why we could not apply it for other things. And we have done so in the pas (WWF, Fnac,…). As soon as there is a complex problem to solve, with multiple points of view and exponential possible paths to explore, you are in our scope.


We have been serving with pleasure and success companies like WWF, IBA, Swift, Euroclear, Fnac, Axen,, Euranova, Yellow Events, and more.

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