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My main publications are available here… For proper citation and edited versions of the conference papers, you can go here.

Springer book chapter (2014) Participation and open Innovation for Sustainable Software Engineering
EmpiRE 2014 A Framework for Understanding Collaborative Creativity in Requirements Engineering:Empirical Validation
RE4SuSy 2013 Will Participation Lead to Sustainability in Requirements Engineering?
RE 2013 A New Paradigm for Applied Requirements Engineering Research
RCIS 2013 Collaborative Creativity in Requirements Engineering, an Analysis and Practical Advice
CSEE&T 2013 University meets Industry: Calling in Real Stakeholders
CAISE 2012 Improvisational Theater for Information Systems: an Agile, Experience-Based, Prototyping Technique
REFSQ 2012 Choose your Creativity: Why and How Creativity in Requirements Engineering Means Different Things to Different People
CREARE 2012 Research Preview: Using Improvisational Theatre to Invent and Represent Scenarios for Designing Innovative Systems
RE4SuSy 2012 Writing Requirements for Electromobility and Smart Grids Systems: Challenges and Opportunities
RE4SuSy 2012 Integrating the Complexity of Sustainability in Requirements Engineering
CHI 2012 Massively Distributed Authorship of Academic Papers
REFSQ 2011 Discovering Sustainability Requirements: An Experience Report
RE 2010 Making it all up: Getting in on the Act to Improvise Creative Requirements
IEEE Software 2008 Theater Improvisers Know the Requirements Game

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