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Martin Mahaux – Brussels – Civil Engineer in Computer Science – PhD Student – Business Analyst -Requirements Engineer – Lecturer – Coach. Something like that.

I love mixing unexpected things together. Un peu de tout, comme pour les fromages belges. I have graduated as a civil engineer in Computer Sciences, where I also took Environmental Science classes. As a consultant in IT I developed a training based on theatre to foster collaboration and creativity. As a researcher, I’m mixing all of this again: environment, IT, collaboration, theatre… And I have always been a bit of an artist. And I love cooking, especially when what is left in the fridge is not supposed to be mixed. Then I mix it. Sometimes it’s awful.

So I married an actress, and obviously I could not escape mixing theatre and my job, that’s how I started to develop the improv-based techniques for collaboration and creativity. In 2009 I joined the PReCISE lab at University of Namur to start a PhD about this. Currently I also work on a regional research project about “Methodologies for assessing sustainability of socio-technical systems”. It’s interesting to note that both sustainability and creativity are extremely interdisciplinary, and not unrelated.

I give creativity and collaboration trainings and coachings in companies, I write (sustainable) requirements with companies, I teach requirements engineering to students. And I read and write for my PhD and the sustainability project. And too many other stuff. And I like it.

I speak French, Dutch, Spanish and English.

On the side I am writing and playing music, mixing my guitar, percussions and other acoustic instruments with samples and the digital sounds and effects from my computer. I have the chance to perform in some good dancing pieces.

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  1. Sarah Taylor


    I am researching Requirements Analysis courses for my colleagues and I.

    Please can you send me some informatiin about the course that you provide including location and cost. Is it possible to provide training on our site (in Brussels)?

    Thanks in advance,

    Sarah Taylor

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