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Improv for Co-Design: finally a video!

I’m excited. Firstly because people might start to understand what I do without having to hire me. Secondly, I can finally stop having to admit “yeah, I know, a video would be great”. Here it is.

This video is a little extract of a one-day workshop I animated for co-designing Usitoo for Factor-X. This is a nice functional economy project, but that is another story. We had a lot of fun and came up with lots of brand new ideas for Fred, who’s been thinking about this project since more than a year now.

I’m sorry for all of you non speaking french: you’ll have to be happy with the images only.

Hope you enjoy.

Improv for Co-Design from martin mahaux on Vimeo.

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  1. I also excited when I see this video. Thankyou for sharing!

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