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Collaborative Creativity Canvas v0.1 (beta)

Published on August 30, 2014 by in Uncategorized

I’m proud to present the beta version of our Collaborative Creativity Canvas!

For whom and why ?

Animators and Facilitators can use this tool to question the settings of their specific project in relation with their ability to foster collaborative creativity. That way, they can assess what is good or needs to be fixed in order to have their teams to effectively replace the frustrating negotiation process by a lively co-creation process. This is not just for when crazy creativity techniques are involved: in each and every daily meeting you may face conflicts: the co-creation approach helps you see them as opportunities.

As it only helps you asking questions, do not expect any answer from the CCC: you’ll find them by yourself if you are a professional facilitator, you may have to hire someone to help you if you are not. It was initially developed to be applied in a technological product development context, but we suspect it might be much more widely applicable.

How was it done ?

Many hours of international and collaborative research have been put in there. It included literature review, experts opinion survey and finally practitioner survey. The two publications are listed in the resource section of this blog. I want to thank Mav, Lemai, Luisa, Olly and Kurt for co-authoring this work with me. Lisa Ratto was the designer of the icons on the CCC.

How to use it – how to contribute ?

Each box in the CCC reflects an aspect that influences your chances of success on a collaboratively creative effort (your daily bread, most probably). There is a little text to help you envisage the kind of questions that are asked in this box, but there might be much more. Each box is meant to start a reflection about a particular aspect of Collaborative Creativity.  There is a document in which we started write some more insights on each box. It is under construction… That is a first way of contributing: you can see this document and add your thoughts if you feel like. The other way of contributing is giving a systematic feedback through this form. Otherwise you can let me know what you use it for and how you found it directly by commenting this blog post or sending me an email.


CC Canvas 6 - A1 - Big LogosCC Canvas 6 – A1 – Big Logos – v01

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