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What’s wrong with most common creativity trainings ?

I just needed to summarize for you those 2 pages (300-301) from R.K. Sawyer, “Explaining Creativity, the Science of Human Innovation”, Oxford University Press, 2010. They try to identify what’s wrong with most common creativity trainings, in the light of the modern understanding of creativity. Here we go.

1) They assume creativity is an individual process or ability while much of creativity emerges from complex social and organizational systems. (…) Increasing the creativity of the employees won’t necessarily increase the creativity of the company; rather, a new organizational structure or culture may be necessary…

2) They assume that creativity is domain general, while most culturally significant creativity is domain-specific.

3) They forget to highlight the importance of commitment, hard work, and intrinsic motivation.

4) They emphasize the moment of creative insight as the critical feature of creativity, while this moment plays a little part in creative process. Creative products are the result of long, complex, involved processes incorporating networks of people and long periods of hard work, during wich many independant but connected mini-insights appear. Yet creativity trainings rarely instruct how to schedule and design an extended project so as to encourage and then incorporate these many sequential, incremental, small insights.

I’ll just make sure I don’t go this way ;-) .


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  1. It’s good tips and warning to me. Thankyou, it’s very important

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