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Designing the Internet of Things around Human Beings…

No, the Internet of Things (IoT) is not called like this because then Internet will soon belong to things. It will remain the Internet of Human Beings. Just to clarify, as some people sometimes seem to forget. Well.

I was invited to give a keynote and a workshop about improv and agile design in a doctoral around IoT, in Lyon (France). I was surrounded by several very skilled people in the domain, mostly technical of course. I was a bit of a challenger there, which is what I like best, so I thank the organisers again.

The one thing that struck me when preparing the keynote was to realize how the IoT, basis for smart cities, smart homa, and smart everything, was in need for a specific design methodology. Writing requirements for systems is not an easy task. In my daily job as a consultant I had the opportunity to do it, in several industries like banks, pharma, logistics, administrations. You deal with a number of users, a number of use cases… and in every case everybody tells you that it is a pretty complex system. However, users are quite similar to each other (they have all been hired to do a specific job); contexts are quite stable (at desk, in front of computer); tasks are constrained (business processes are in place). In smart cities for example, it is in each case an order of magnitutde more complex. Users, situations and possible tasks are extremely diverse.

So, how can you deal with this ? You need something to make very quick and very rich prototypes, around user experiences, in a very participative way. In other words, you need Improv! It’s always great to learn that we’re researching the right thing at the right time ;-)

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  1. max

    good post. how important is IoT in this era?

  2. The topic is very actual. Thankyou for information, good luck!

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