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Spring Tour was Great… + Slides RCIS

Published on June 3, 2013 by in Uncategorized

Barcelona, Gaudi - did you say creativity ?

Heyo, the spring tour is finished. Some rest now until I fly to Rio de Janeiro for the Requirements Engineering conference, where I accepted to be the interaction chair, run a workshop on RE and sustainable systems, and talk in a panle about the future of the conference, but that will be later.

Well, the spring tour, as I call it, was great. They loved impro in Barcelona (PayPal Incentive week), Brussels (XP days, Agile conference), London (City Innovation and Leadership day) and, finally, in Paris (RCIS conference). You are right, I miss Berlin, I promise I'll come soon ;-) .

In Paris, above the improv tutorial, I presented our paper on collaborative creativity with Mav (from Rolls Royce). People could not stop telling us how our presentation was cool, so I'll share it here. It's nothing very smart, just that we skipped the useless parts of those usually boring (don't be afraid of words, this is what it is) presentations and focused on results: what can we give people to inspire them today? The second trick was to transform our presentation in an interactive game: we split the room in 3 parts and ask the audience to guess factors based on the image in the slide, then would rapidly debrief it. Lots of fun, reasonably low preparation: this is how we like it - and audiences too!

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