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Improv as agile design technique @ CAISE 2012

Published on March 16, 2012 by in Demos

A new variant of the improv’ tutorial has been accepted, this time at CAISE, Gdansk, this summer 2012. This is a “Rank A” conference, the definite top in Information Systems…

Through actually playing improvisational theatre games in groups, participants will be given the chance to feel what it takes to innovate in teams, and will experiment with a technique that enables rapid scenario generation, producing real-time creative experience-centered prototypes.

This time we will focus on the creative design session. After warming-up exercises, we will pretend that we are a group of stakeholders (including problem owners, developers, experts) willing to invent a new software product. We will use guided improvisations as an experience-based technique, inventing user stories on the fly, and commenting them in order to determine what our product should or should not do. So, while some play out scenarios they invent on the fly guided by the improv’ coach, others watch and comment, take note of ideas, scenarios, requirements, feasibility problems and alternative solutions. Then we all debrief.

UPDATE: I’m discussing some results in this post and posted the resulting mind map here!

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