Marie d'Udekem-Gevers

Lecturer in History of Computing (INFO 1212)
Assistant Lecturer (Premier assistant)
Pedagogical Adviser (Conseiller pédagogique)
Lead Researcher (Chargé de recherche)

Doctorate in Anthropology, University of Liège, Belgium
PhD in Sciences (Zoology), University of Louvain, Belgium
MSc in Computer Science (Licence et maîtrise en informatique), University of Namur, Belgium

Address: Rue Grandgagnage 21, B-5000 Namur, Belgium
: +32 (0) 81 724973
Fax: +32 (0) 81 724967
Email: mge @
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Marie d'Udekem-Gevers has been Lecturer in History of Computing since 2004. She is also a Pedagogical Adviser and a Lead Researcher in the Computer Science Institute of the University of Namur.

Marie's current research interests span two areas: history of computing and pedagogy. Since joining the University of Namur, Marie has published over 50 articles on a wide range of topics including pedagogy, ethics of computing, Internet content regulation and filtering, information highways, electronic data interchange (EDI) and formal modelling. Prior to that, Marie has also published a number of articles in her original field of study, human biology and anthropology.

Marie's background is multidisciplinary: she received a Doctorate in Anthropology from the University of Liège in 1973, a PhD in Sciences from the University of Louvain in 1981 and a MSc in Computer Science (Licence et maîtrise en informatique) from the University of Namur in 1989.

Marie has two sons and one grandson. She loves gardening and has a passion for baroque music.

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