Authors should prepare the final versions of their papers according to the ENTCS directives.

At the time of notification of the papers, the packages for the volumes of satellite workshops of Concur'03 were not known. To allow the authors to produce their final version before the workshop meeting, we have just adapted the instructions for the past edition of Foclasa, assuming the volume number will be 91.2. As a result, most this page borrows material from the general instructions found at


  1. The first step is to download the generic ENTCS package, which contains files common for all volumes in ENTCS. These include several examples, as well as instructions on how to use the LaTeX styles files, and how to produce both the PostScript and the pdf files, which the required format for the final versions of papers that are printed on line. The package also contains a generic form of the file entcsmacro.sty.
  2. The second step is to obtain the entcsmacro.sty file that pertains to Foclasa'03.


Please email

  • to the general mailing address
  • by August 25 2003
  • the following files
    1. one (and only one) LaTeX file formatted as described in the previous section
    2. illustrations, if needed in separate files but with file names prefixes by your initials
    3. a ps or pdf version of the paper