IFIP-WG9.2 Last Conference

IFIP-WG9.2/9.5 Working Conference
Corfu (Greece), May 8-10, 1997

An ethical global information society: Culture and democracy revisited,
Jacques BERLEUR and Diane WHITEHOUSE, Eds.,
Proceedings of the IFIP-WG9.2/9.5 Corfu International Conference, May 8-10, 1997,
Chapman & Hall, 1997, ISBN: 0-412-82960-6, 381 p.+xx

With the authorization of the publisher, we reproduce here the Preface and the last chapter.

Preface Compared to the published Preface we have adopted here a longer version. MS-Word version available here.
Recommendations: Sand, Silver, Gold plates The full process of refining the recommendations of the conference is given in this final Chapter. Let us quote here the winning "Gold plate": MS-Word version available here


IFIP-WG9.2/9.5 Corfu International Conference Gold Plate

(May 8-10, 1997)

The information and communication technology society is potentially extremely inclusive, but in practice it is very exclusive, elitist, and sectarian.

To empower people we need universal service and equity of access that provide meaningful, quality information via diverse channels. We want to create 'free spirits'. To promote in the long term a real democracy presupposes an information society where citizens are able to participate in the decision-making process. Civic experiments are therefore needed in the short term which are controlled by all reactive, anticipatory and, above all, participatory means. In others words, we need a critical mass which in turn is also a mass that is critical.

IFIP-WG9.2/9.5 Corfu conference advocates at the highest level an 'action plan' for an ethical global information society that supports:

  • people-centered development and public advocacy, i.e., promoting discussion and participation,
  • cultural diversity,
  • universal low cost access,
  • local civic networks,
  • development of a framework of rights and responsibilities for a global information society favouring a responsible citizenship.

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