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The Namur Award is a biennial award to be accorded for an outstanding contribution with international impact to the awareness of social implications of information technology. The purpose is to draw attention to the need for an holistic approach in the use of information technology in which the social implications have been taken into account. The Namur Award consists of a commemorative plate and a certificate.


The contribution can be in the form of a publication, design, lecture, or any other project. The Namur Award may also be granted for a special action, accomplishment or achievement of any other kind within the scope of the Namur Award. The Namur Award will be granted to a person, group or association. Serving members of WG9.2. are not eligible.

The Namur Award will be assigned by IFIP-WG9.2. The general criterion is that of an outstanding contribution with international impact in the field of social implications of information technology.


Nominations for the Namur Award can be accepted from any person other than members of the Namur Award Committee (NAC). Those proposing a nomination are requested to check with their proposed nominee before submitting their proposal that:
(a) s/he is willing in principle for the nomination to be submitted,
(b) if successful the nominee will accept the award.
The Namur Award Committee (consisting of three persons and a Chair, chosen by and from members of WG9.2) will scrutinise, prioritise, shortlist and recommend the candidates to WG9.2 by way of a short written report. The winning nomination must be accepted by a 2/3rds majority of the members of the Working Group present at that meeting.
All submissions, discussions and votes relating to the Namur Award are to be kept strictly confidential.
Before making the decision public, the Chair of WG9.2 will inform the chosen candidate, and his/her acceptance will be sought in writing. For the presentation of the Namur Award the winner will be invited for a special WG9.2 meeting in Namur, hosted by dignitaries of the city of Namur, and open to everyone interested in the Namur Award. During this presentation the chair of WG9.2 will make a public speech based on the report of the Award-Committee. The winner will be invited to give a public lecture.


The procedure for nominations should be actively publicised, and nominations should be encouraged from all parts of the globe.

Nominations for the award are to be invited by public announcement in the IFIP Newsletter and/or by appropriate messages sent within and outside of IFIP. The individual members of WG9.2. are responsible for obtaining free publicity given to the award in the specialist journals in their own countries.


If you are interested in submitting a candidate for the 9th IFIP-WG9.2 Namur Award (to be awarded in the year 2010) please indicate your interest and suggestions to the address below. Well-reasoned submissions for the Namur AWARD are to be made to the Namur Award Committee Chair, before December 1st, 2008:

Prof. Jacques BERLEUR
Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix
Rue de Bruxelles, 61
5000 NAMUR
Phone.: +32 81 72 49 64
Fax: +32 81 72 49 67
Email : jberleur@info.fundp.ac.be



Namur Award Nomination Form

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